Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chapter Membership Offer

The Committee, in looking forward to the rest of the year and indeed to next year, are very committed to boosting Membership numbers as much as possible, increasing participation amongst Members in the Chapter and supporting our Sponsoring Dealer , Waterford Harley-Davidson.

With that in mind it has been decided to offer all Members, new Members and previous Members who are not currently active in the Chapter, the following:-
Spend €200 between now and the 31st December 2010 at Waterford Harley-Davidson and the Chapter will renew your Chapter Membership €35 for 2011 free of charge subject to provision of receipts at the AGM
The spend of €200 is all inclusive and can include bike servicing, parts and apparel at Waterford Harley-Davidson . The offer is extended to include family/household Membership of the Chapter and provision of receipts at the AGM is without exception.

This offer represents a 17.5% in-store discount in our shop. Membership Forms are also available in Waterford Harley-Davidson.

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    The Harley Davidson Community: http://www.vorts.com/harley_davidson/
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    James Kaufman, Editor